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Cupcake Towers

A Cupcake stand will look great as the centerpiece at your next Birthday Party, Wedding, Christening, Anniversary or Corporate Function.

Our Acrylic stands come in many different sizes including stands in 3 tier, 4 tier, 5 tier and the ever popular 6 tier and 7 tier stands!


Stand hire is for a 72 hour period (pick up Friday and return Monday). You may hire for longer please email for price.

Stands are pick up only due to the size and weight of each stand, Pick up is from Bankstown 2200, near Bankstown Hospital.

We can also deliver and pick up from venues only in the Sydney Metro area by prior arrangement for an extra fee.

A Bond of will need to be paid if hiring a cupcake tower.  Starting from $100.00


Stands For Hire
Stand 3: Perspex round 6-tier stand (Deposit: $150 - Hire: $60)
Stand 4:Perspex round 5-tier stand (Deposit: $150 - Hire: $60)
Stand 5:Perspex round 4-tier stand (Deposit: $100 - Hire: $60)
Stand 6:Perspex round 3-tier stand (Deposit: $100 - Hire: $60)
Stand 7: Perspex round 2-tier stand (Deposit: $100 - Hire: $60)
Stand 10: Perspex square 6-tier stand (Deposit: $150 - Hire: $60)
Stand 11:Perspex square 5-tier stand (Deposit: $150 - Hire: $60)
Stand 12:Perspex square 4-tier stand (Deposit: $100 - Hire: $60)
Stand 13: Perspex square 3-tier stand (Deposit: $100 - Hire: $60)
Stand 14: Perspex square 2-tier stand (Deposit: $100 - Hire: $60)

Conditions of hire:

* A deposit is required for each stand hired and will be refunded only if
the stand is returned in its original condition. Judgement of the stands
condition is up to the discretion of the hirer. If the stand is not returned, or
damaged beyond repair, the deposit will not be refunded. The stand is your responsibility from pick up or delivery, to the time at which it is returned.


There is a $30 per day late fee is stand is not returned on date agreed on

Deposit will be paid in cash on day of pick up, to book your stand please pay hire fee to secure the stand for your special day.

once stand is booked a confirmation email will be sent with pick up details




Select Stand:

Select Date:

Select Month:

Select Year:


when hiring online please choose option B for pick up only as we do not send our stands via post, we will send you a price for delivery via courier

*The stand must be returned to the hirer within 72 hours unless
otherwise arranged. A $30 per day late fee will be charged for each late day. If you
are unable to return the stand, pick-up may be arranged for an additional charge



Free Stand hire with bond, refundable upon stand return if cupcakes and cake package are purchased from Stella Bella Cupcakes...

Swarovski Crystal Stand
8 tier square

Cupcake Capacity

3 Tier - 30 regular cupcakes

4 Tier - 50 regular cupcakes

5 Tier - 75 regular cupcakes

6 Tier - 105 regular cupcakes

7 Tier - 145 regular cupcakes

8 Tier - 150 regular cupcakes

If you have a stand in mind that is not listed here we are happy to see if we can make or locate one for you.

Our stands are also available for purchase, please enquire


Can't find what your looking for?

If you would like something specific to your design, please contact us

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